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The School Council consists of fifteen students – three from each House and two from the Sixth Form. They are chosen to act as a representative group of students to discuss development issues of importance to the school. They elect officers and meetings are also attended by an Assistent Headteacher, the healthy schools Coordinator, and a School Governor. The agenda can include items brought forward from House Councils and the Sixth Form Cabinet, but the work of the School Council can also include:

  • Contributing to the School Development and Improvement Plan (SDIP) and
  • Engaging in self-evaluation and contributing to Self-Evaluation Forms (SEF)
  • Coordinating charity work for the School, and managing a delegated budget arising out of the SDIP
  • Participating in interviews for appointments of staff and attending Governors’ Meetings
  • Coordination of Student Working Groups or Support Groups
  • Managing a delegated budget arising out of the SDIP
  • Electing Associate Pupil Governors to attend meetings of the Governing Body on behalf of the students

House Councils have an elected representative from each Tutor Group. The agenda is set by students, but items can also be suggested by teachers. The purpose of the Council is to provide a forum for student discussion and to put forward positive proposals for Heads of House to consider. Members of the House Councils are asked to represent the views of their Tutor Group and outcomes of the meetings are reported back in detail within the House. The Sixth Form has a cabinet structure within the post-16 sector of the school.

Further information about the structure of School Council and the Sxth Form Cabinet is below. Details of projects the school council are involved in can be found on twitter @alunschcouncil

Read the minutes of the last meeting here . . . .September 2022


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