Annual Meetings of the Governing Body

The Governors meet formally three times a year in October, March and June. The agenda, Headteacher's Report, and the Minutes of Part 1 of the meeting are available on request. They follow regulations, statutory procedures and guidelines set up by the Welsh Government.

As well as the full Governing Body meetings, the Governors operate through a committee structure where each committee meets at least once each term.

The three main committees are:

Building and Safety Committee
Development and Evaluation Committee
Finance and Personnel Committee  

As well as these committees a Pastoral and Discipline Committee is in place to address specific issues, and members of the governing body are also fully involved in the teacher appointment panels. 

The Governors also support all whole school activities and developments, make school visits and attend events throughout the year.


Governors' Annual Report to Parents

Each year the Governing Body issue a 'Governors' Annual Report to Parents'. Click here to read . . . Governors' Report 2021-2022


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Communications for Governors

All correspondence for the School Governing Body should be emailed through the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Amanda Flint.
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